Apply as C C++ Developer 

Code development, cleanup and maintenance of a platform-independent modular hardware control system
Discussion, definition and implementation of interfaces in distributed systems
Advancement of the distributed software architecture
Close collaboration with ASIC design team and production
Design and implementation of unit tests, improvement of test coverage and documentation

Experience in software development with professional experience of more than three years
Knowledge of platform independent C++ in combination with threads, STL and boost
Familiar with standard workflows in software development (version control, bug tracker, documentation, package management, unit testing)
Proficient in written and spoken English
Knowledge in at least one of the following fields:
Unix sockets
Multi-threaded software architectures
Performance optimization and profiling
Debugging (gdb, valgrind, ...)
Experience in the following fields is of additional advantage:
Development in Linux environments
Python libraries and frameworks like numpy, matplotlib, nosetest, py.test, Cpython, scons etc.
Client/server applications (RPC frameworks, serialization, e.g. zeroMQ, google protobuf)
XML schemas
Document-oriented databases

We offer
An exciting chance to drive your career and solving complex, technical challenges with a team
A young and dynamic team with short lines of communication
A culture welcoming high engagement and entrusting you with a broad range of duties
Excellent technical and personal development opportunities
Annual gross salary: starting from EUR 46.000, an overpayment is possible depending on your individual qualification and relevant professional experience